Curators from Barbados Museum Talk: A Brief Federation

Curators from Barbados Museum Talk on “A Brief Federation”. It costs bds $50 for BARP members or anyone signing up to help Maaike ($70 otherwise). The beautiful grounds and plantation house at Golden Grove will be open for view. Maaike de Waal, an archaeologist from Leiden University in the Netherlands, will still be at Golden ... Continue Reading

Archaeologist at Golden Grove Barbados

Maaike de Waal, an archaeologist from Leiden University in the Netherlands, is arriving in Barbados next week. She is a specialist in prehistoric, or “Amerindian”, settlements in the Caribbean. Her core team will include her husband and young children, three overseas and Barbados students. The site studied will be Three Houses in St Philip. Previous ... Continue Reading

Archaeologist based at Golden Grove

Dr Maaike de Waal, Lecturer of the Caribbean Research Group in the Archaeology faculty at Leiden University, Netherlands, will be starting a new project in Barbados on 13th July 2015. She will be based at Golden Grove and will further explore the early Amerindian settlements at Three Houses. Golden Grove’s Facebook and Twitter pages will ... Continue Reading

The End of Plantation Life at Golden Grove

Messrs Brown and the syndicate funding Three Houses et al must have considered Golden Grove surplus to their requirements as it was sold in 1921 for £16,000. The last chapter in Golden Grove’s history as a plantation began. Herbert and then his son Geoffrey Manning were the last of the planters here, still remembered by ... Continue Reading