Street Art is a band formed from musicians whose raw talent has been honed (at an early age) through the programmes available in Barbados to nurture and develop performing artists.

For a very small island, Barbados has an abundance of talent, combined with a culture of performance, competitions and teaching.

Golden Grove Alive can be one channel to bring this talent to a wider audience, stretching out its tentacles over time through the vast reaches of the internet, starting of course with Street Art, the band.

Who are Street Art and what do they play?

Each member of the band has their own instrument and talent, but as part of the BCC programme they have all learnt to lead a group performance from their own niche, creating a depth of music not often heard.

Kareem Agard is a vibrant, passionate 20-year-old singer, songwriter and actor, and believes his talent is God-given which can shine through to local and international audiences.
Kareem has won 5 awards at the key performing arts competition in Barbados, NIFCA, including the Earnest P.F. Roachford Award of Excellence.

Kareem is now seeking to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in music, having completed 2 Associate Degrees at the Barbados Community College (“BCC”) in Theatre Arts and Music.

Kareem is the principal vocal component of Street Art, the Band.

Ashlee Tang aged 20, began her interest in music at the age of 12, playing guitar. She later picked up piano and completed the Trinity and Royal School of Music Exams grades 1-4. Upon entering the BCC Music programme she realised her true passion of composing and producing although she continues to perform on guitar and vocals. She performs at many private functions with a trio, Ever jamming and a quartet called Sistaz (after entering NIFCA with Ashlee’s original song Sistaz have continued to perform at many NCF functions).

Ashlee generally plays rhythm guitar with Street Art.

Isobella Burham is an 18 year old bassist and BCC Music graduate. Izzy, as she is often called, enjoys playing all styles of music but especially likes Neo-soul, Funk and jazz and a Caribbean “Shango”. Isobella plays both 4 and 5 string bass and is also learning to play the double bass.

Isobella is the bass player for the young and vibrant Street Art.

Hashim Durant, 19 years of age, started playing steel pan at the Garrison Secondary School at the age of 12 where he fell in love with the instrument. Hashim went on to become the leader of their steel orchestra and helped to teach steel pan at the Government Industrial School and many other places. Now a graduate of the BCC Music Program Hashim continues his goal to share his love and passion for music and his instrument, inspiring both his audience and other musicians. Hashim will continue to study music but much more than this share his passion to bring steelpan to the forefront of music.

Yes Hashim is the steel pan player extraordinaire for Street Art.

Serge Phillips 18 years old, started playing drums at the age of 4 without any formal training until his entrance to the BCC Music Programme. During his time at BCC, he has grown musically and has learnt to love smooth jazz and irregular time signatures. Serge is currently pursuing his 2nd Associate Degree in Theatre Arts, his first love. His dream is to become a world renowned entertainer with music being one of those main components. He aspires to shine the light from the back of the stage and change the perception of drummers and the clichés that follow.

Serge’s drum set is at the back of the Street Art performance!

Wesley Morris has a personal motto “To be the best I can be”. He started playing violin aged 7 under the tutelage of Mrs Joy Knight-Lynch. 11 years on his passion for music drives being a proud member of: The Barbados National Youth Symphony Orchestra, Ever Jammin, Sugar Cane Jazz & Blues, NJ30 PLUS and of course Street Art. He has played at the Naniki Jazz Festival with Nicholas Brancker and Roberta Flack and regularly performs at weddings, consulates and venues like the Frank Collymore Hall. He is the proud owner of certificates in music from the CXC and The Royal School of music grades 1 to 8 and an Award for Achievemnet in Classical Music presented by the Myriad Singers of Barbados. He recently completed his Associate Degree in Music at the BCC.

Wesley plays electric violin for Street Art.