Barbados Lunch

Maaike de Waal, an archaeologist from Leiden University in the Netherlands, is arriving in Barbados next week.

She is a specialist in prehistoric, or “Amerindian”, settlements in the Caribbean. Her core team will include her husband and young children, three overseas and Barbados students.
The site studied will be Three Houses in St Philip. Previous work by Peter Drewett, who wrote extensively on archaeology in Barbados, identified Three Houses as one of the few inland Amerindian settlements, favoured by its natural drinking water.

Maaike will be delighted if residents or long term visitors to Barbados wish to participate in the discovery process. This is a great opportunity for young or old to be a part of a significant archaeological project.

Maaike will be based at Golden Grove Great House, next to Three Houses. An ideal opportunity to meet Maaike is over lunch on Wednesday 15th July at Golden Grove. She will be talking about her objectives and answering initial questions. Bar-b-q pork, chicken, bakes and rice will be served for a cost of bds$50 for BARP members or anyone signing up to help Maaike ($70 otherwise). Live jazz will be played by the Roger Gittens trio and the beautiful grounds and plantation house at Golden Grove will be open for view.

For further contact Maria on 840 7474.