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Golden Grove Alive” is the business term used to describe the web page connection brought to you, “the Viewer”, on the website for Golden Grove Great House, Barbados- specifically on www.goldengrovehouse.com/alive

The web pages contain links dedicated to a streaming and VOD capability brought to you, the Viewer, by 2 businesses unconnected to Golden Grove.

The first key service, which collects your data, including your email address and bank/ payment details, is provided by Inplayer, a specialist in “paywall” provision for purchases on websites (a typical feature of modern-day internet useage is to buy “online” through such specialist operators who do not supply the actual goods or services purchased).

The second key service is the streaming of live and recorded content on the internet to viewers. Dacast has actually provided the mechanics of delivering content to you on the internet for our first video and holiday competition.

The content itself is provided live from Golden Grove Great House and other recorded locations.

Whilst the links are “embedded” on the Golden Grove Alive web pages, important data, customer service and other key operational and legal components remain obligations of Inplayer and Dacast and not the operators of Golden Grove Alive.


Golden Grove Alive is not responsible for the operation of the payment services and streaming of the initial video and holiday competition. Hence all queries or issues should be directed to the customer interface at the service provider. For any queries or problems with payment, please contact the Paywall provider Inplayer on the link below:

[email protected]

Please note that you must set up an account with Inplayer before viewing.

There are 2 currency options for payment after your account is set up (£ or U.S.$).  Use the toggle and select your option.

Once you start viewing the video, you may experience the most common problem of streaming on the internet- buffering. This is because your internet download speed is too slow for the content provided.

The streaming provider for the video, Dacast has set an automatic pixel adjustment which lowers the resolution according to your internet speed and should avoid buffering. The initial video and holiday competition has been deliberately set at a lower resolution, which whilst sacrificing picture quality should mean that most devices can view without buffering.

You may address any queries to Dacast, below:

[email protected]

Please note that in future we intend to stream at HD and even 2k/4k, with some videos on 360 degree resolution (virtual reality). These videos will be marked so that selection should be made only if your device and internet connection is sufficient.


Each Viewer by continuing to use the service provided by Golden Grove Alive accepts it is for private use only with the following conditions:

  1. Copywright on all material provided by Golden Grove Alive remains with the provider and is not passed in any way to the Viewer (including ALL graphic, musical, visual and other representations).
  2. Each Viewer agrees not to reproduce, pass on, download or copy any material provided by Golden Grove Alive, attempt to modify in any way the website for Golden Grove Great House or interfere in any way with its provision to other Viewers or the general public
  3. Each Viewer is responsible for their own security systems to protect the integrity of their computer or other device. The operators of Golden Grove Alive and Golden Grove Great House do not accept liability for any loss or damage as a result of using the website.


Golden Grove Alive will not receive Viewer’s payment details which are provided solely to Inplayer. Golden Grove Alive therefore has no responsibility or liability for the privacy and security of such data. As a specialist provider, Inplayer has systems to protect the integrity of such Viewer data.

Golden Grove Alive will receive Viewer email lists. These will be used for marketing purposes for future events.

The web pages for Golden Grove Alive may contain links to websites for advertisers. Useage by the Viewer of such links is at the risk of each Viewer.

It is commonplace for websites today to use “cookies” which store viewer data for marketing purposes. Settings may be created to accept or reject cookies by each Viewer. Golden Grove Alive can accept no responsibility for the use of cookies by any Viewer.


The holiday competition consists solely of a first prize of 7 nights (for up to 8 persons) at Golden Grove Great House, Golden Grove, St Philip. Dates are subject to availability, which is strictly limited in 2017. The prize can be taken in available dates in 2017 or 2018. The prize consists of accommodation only and does not include any meals, drinks, flights or other transport.

The draw will be made at our first show at the end of March 2017 (details will be posted on the website page for Golden Grove Alive). Only emails which (1) select the correct answers to the 2 questions on the video for the holiday competition (2) are posted from an email address registered with Inplayer where monies have been paid to watch the video and enter the holiday competition and (3) sent to [email protected] will be eligible for the draw. Only single entries from the same registered email will be permitted. No correspondence will be entered into on whether entries have provided the correct answers and the draw will be final.