Bathsheba Barbados

A brief History of Barbados. Before Barbados’s Independence, the island was a British Colony for over 300 years due to the first English settlers in 1625. During the 1920’s Political arousal of the black population became obvious when Charles Duncan O’Neal formed the Democratic League.

In 1938 after the civil disturbances in 1937, the Barbados Progressive League (later becoming the Barbados Labour Party) was formed and Barbados attained full internal self-government in 1961. The first Premier Grantley Adams (later Knighted to ‘Sir’) led Barbados into the (10) member West Indian Federation in 1958 until 1962. After the Federation was terminated in 1962, Barbados returned to its former status as a self-government. Failed attempts were made by the Premier Grantley Adams to form another Federation with the Leeward and Windward islands.

Barbados was then led into full Independence on November 30th 1966 by the then Premier Errol Walton Barrow of the Democratic Labour Party (previously the Democratic League), a group which in 1955 broke away from the now Barbados Labour Party. Errol Barrow became the first Prime Minister of Barbados.

What will you be doing this 30th November?

Golden Grove also has a fascinating history the coral rock of the Golden Grove Terrace has been dated to c. 220,000 years ago and evidence of Amerindian settlement has been found by Three Houses stream, which borders Golden Grove.

The great house is thought to have been largely rebuilt after the hurricane of 1831 and exhibits the Georgian style feature staircase, original pine flooring and hurricane shuttered sash windows of the period. Below are photos of the interior of the property.

In 1908 it was the birthplace of Florence Daysh OBE, one of Barbados’ most notable female politicians and philanthropists, who defeated Errol Barrow in the elections for the Federal West Indies Parliament. Her nickname was “Brown Sugar” indicating an evolution of class and colour in Barbadian life at Golden Grove.

Today, visitors can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the tropical gardens and vibrant examples of local artwork that create a mood of peace and tranquility.