Elliot Grasset, whose wealth from Golden Grove allowed sending his son to Eton, was apparently borne illegitimate but from a family that had owned Grazettes plantation in St Michael. “Grazette represented a new elite group, earning a place by dint of knowledge and hard work, rather than by inheritance over several generations (Bobby Morris: The 1816 Uprising A Hell-broth”).

Hacketts got a new name : “Golden Grove” a popular name it seems in the Caribbean where most islands have a plantation with this title. No doubt it was golden, for a time, for the Grazette family, both Elliot Grazette and his son William were members of the Barbados House of Parliament for St Philip, at a time when such honours were reserved for the wealthy.

But they also endured the largest uprising Barbados has ever had and very directly.

The slave revolt of 1816 is popularly known as the “Bussa revolt” after one of its leaders, who was a “senior” slave at Baileys Plantation, which borders Golden Grove.

Now the Barbados government has established a 12-member Reparations Task Force that would be responsible for sustaining the local, regional and international momentum for reparations.

It will also conceptualise and articulate strategies, frameworks and projects to accept and manage financial and other resources.

“They will also further the research and publication of works that make the case for reparations and self-reparations at individual, community, national, regional and international levels, among other things,” said Culture Minister Stephen Lashley.

The Task Force is chaired by Professor Pedro Welch and Lashley said it would provide advice and support to government, through the Commission for Pan-African Affairs, on sourcing financial, in-kind and technical assistance resources to implement a package of reparative initiatives.

These projects will include government collaborating with the University of the West Indies to mount a regional reparations conference, which would lead to the formation of a Caribbean commission; and the establishment of a Multi-ethnic Research Centre, a National Museum on Slavery and a Centre for Reparations Research.

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Golden Grove has an amazing history and today visitors can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the tropical gardens and vibrant examples of local artwork that create a mood of peace and tranquility.